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November 02, 2015

Here is a summary of what happened to me: I deposited $400 to start trading with as this is what I was comfortable risking. After depositing the money I immediately got a phone call from my account manager. He tried to convince me that I need more money than $400 for them to work with. He said the account is “too small”. I told him that I don’t have an income as I have no job so I don’t have more money that I can spend on trading. I also told him that I don’t have any experience with trading at all & I wasn’t in any hurry to make fast money. He then told me that it’s not worth it for his company to work with me if I only have $400 in my account and that I would need to do it myself. I was perfectly fine to trade on my own, BUT an hour later… He calls me saying that he got good tips about the apple stock & that he needs my money (extra 1000$) ONLY FOR A DAY as it was an opportunity of a life time. It was a lot of pressure & he had me cornered. He assured me that next day I would be able to withdraw my invested amount back. I honestly trusted him. He sounded like a decent genuine guy who knew what he was talking about. On

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