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Twila Fennell





January 8, 2016 at 1:00 pm

Hi Dennis 😉

This is indeed a very interesting topic and debate. Something you see people argue about all over the internet on forums. Everybody has their own opinion and insight, which is fair I guess. What ticks me off the most is those that have not even tried binary options nor done any research regarding it. How can you give a blind opinion? I have seen people get banned on forums around these types of topics, no jokes. Some have road rage on forums if you get what I mean.

Anyway… getting to my 2cents. I have traded both FX and binary options FX. So basically currency pairs on both forms of trading. The main concern and debate is always the trading against the broker when it comes to binary. Well, what most people do not even know is that their Forex broker is a market maker. Which means it is no different than binary options. The FX broker takes the other side of the trade. Unless you trading with an ECN or your broker offers straight through processing you are in the same boat. They have been known to manipulate price, delay orders etc.

How is this any different than Binary Options? I rest my case folks.