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Ivan Williams





November 17, 2015 at 5:49 pm

Ken, I feel your pain. These are all good ideas, but in my opinion it’s not easy to do one of them. You will have to have some type of background or even a degree to be able to do these jobs. I’m not saying it’s impossible just not as easy as you might think. My advice would be to start trading with the money you have and maybe get a part time job, be it a waiter or whatever. Use the money you make there to add to your trading capital until you are happy with the amount in your trading account. You can them quit your part time job and only focus on trading. I did not write this to discourage you, I only think that this is the best and easiest solution for you at the moment. PS. It won’t hurt of you look around for any trading related job in the meantime. Maybe you will get lucky, who knows.