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Armand Kolbe





November 15, 2015 at 11:53 am

LOL funny story… Speaking of signal services.

When I started trading I followed this one “trading guru”. He gave out signals on a daily basis. He advertised a 73% winning percentage if I remember correctly. So after week 1 I made a few bucks. Week 2 I lost a large sum of my account. I calculated his win percentage and it was 38%. I asked him what was going on, you claimed to have a 73% win percentage… The guy told me, sir don’t stress I just had a bad week. My winning percentage is for the entire month. Anyway as the month went on he continued to lose and lose. At the end of the month his winning percentage was down to 29%!! It was absolutely ridiculous. He told everybody on the group that it was a bad month. Many members replied that his win percentage was like that for the last few weeks.

Suddenly a light bulb moment went off. What if I took the opposite trades if what he says? My chances would be much better this way than following his signals. So I deposited a little more into my account and gave it a go. The first week… BAM his win percentage was below 30%. Guess what? I was making money while all the people in the group were busy losing. This was horrible and awesome at the same time. As the month came to an end, his win percentage was again below 30%. I was smiling all the way. I thought I could go on like this forever! Unfortunately, he decided to cancel the service as most of the people were fed up with his bad signals and left him.

Be warned – don’t try this at home hehe. Cheers guys