Forum Have You Been Scammed By Your Broker? What Can You Do? Reply To: Have You Been Scammed By Your Broker? What Can You Do?

Courtney Weekly





October 30, 2015 at 1:22 pm

This article is an absolute must read for all traders!

I see a lot of traders jumping on their horses too quick and calling brokers scammers. In the meantime they have not read their terms and conditions or they just simply don’t understand how a bonus works.

Actually I don’t even know why brokers still offer demo accounts. Yes I know that they are guaranteed basically that the trader will lose his or her money before they can withdraw their deposit and the bonus, but most traders that fall for bonuses will eventually wipe out their account without a bonus attached to their deposit.

According to me – bonuses is where all the negativity starts towards a broker. You will see most of the complaints on websites and forums are about the bonus that they took or something. So if brokers didn’t offer bonuses, there would be much less complaints about them.

Anyway enough of my ranting. If you come across a problem with a broker, follow the steps mentioned in this article. Chances are you will quickly sort out the problem and be able to move on.