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Harry Ross





September 1, 2015 at 5:38 pm

I actually started off sports betting online and gambling on online casinos. I used to see these ads for binary options make money in 60 seconds and stuff like that but did not really pay it any mind.

One day I had some spare cash and my gambling hobby was beginning to get slightly less fun so I decided to try something new. I knew absolutely nothing about trading stocks, forex, commodities or anything like that and I felt very small minded going into it I was very humble.

I believe that is the reason I am still trading now because I never thought of it as something “easy”.

My background in sports betting allowed me to understand the concepts a bit better and realized that you needed a formula and could not just make money simply by guessing up or down.
Just the same way as I could never consistently make money betting on random sports teams to win a game.

So I started off with a simple RSI strategy that I still use today but mostly now I use price action and I trade the news releases.

So anyway I started off making a consistent profit and the broker calls me up to offer me some free signals.

I say why not so he says he will call me up every morning and tell me what to buy and sell based on what they thought was going to happen. (BIG MISTAKE) I ended up losing half of my money until the point came where I refused to follow his instructions anymore and tried to take my money out of the broker.

It was a long and painful process, but they finally processed my payment. I never went back to that broker again and now am trading with stockpair and do not have any issues withdrawing or anything like that.

Cheers 🙂