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Leonel Hosier





September 1, 2015 at 12:15 pm

This is a very good question. I for one am not a fan of spot-option brands at all. The conversation of white label vs black label brokers comes up whenever discussing this topic. I believe spot-option brokers do make up a majority of the market but that does not necessarily make them the best choice for traders. Re-quotes and slippage are VERY common in my opinion (and personal experience with these) and because of this and other reasons I prefer to use more targeted brands like 24options or stock-pair who run their own specific software’s and are not as over-saturated in the market as these spot-option brands are. If you notice all spot-option brokers are the same you can tell by the platform and the software they use for trading. (they are like a fast food chain)

The reason why they increase every week is again due to over-saturation and the in and out comparison of a fast food chain is a good analogy for them since they operate a lot like that. All in all I would recommend to stay away but trade at your own risk if your going to go with a spot-option broker make sure to use one that has some good reviews or one that you know someone who can recommend they are safe.

Happy Trading.